Website vs Social Media: Which is Better?

Website vs Social Media

The hassles of website maintenance, designs and updates, while maintaining a social media presence can be overwhelming for some business owners. Have you ever asked yourself why, “what is the point of owning a website, when I can use social media to promote my business?”. 

With the added costs of domains, hosting, and web development, many people prefer the simplicity of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. However, there are some advantages that both have over the other. Let’s see what each web property can do from a business-centric approach. 


Having your own website means full control of your brand. You decide what the website looks like, and what type of content your viewers will access. A website can be as simple as a one-page flyer or as advanced as a you want it to be, it is all up to you. Below are some business drivers to consider if you decide to build a website.

  • Customer Service – You have direct access to your customers and can respond to customer service issues as they arise. You can create a special customer service or support section on your website to manage and track issues. 
  • Business Costs  The costs associated with owning a website range from design to development, to maintenance, upgrades and more. Even if you have the technical skills and can develop a website on your own, you’ll still have to pay for domain and hosting fees.
  • Market Share  Grabbing a market share with a website is easy if your marketing campaign is effective. However, without a productive marketing campaign, your website might be left gathering dust on the internet shelves.
  • Brand – You can create your brand exactly how you want it with no interference. You can post the content you want, knowing that your space is not being shared by your competitors.

Social Media

With more than 1 billion users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social networks, every business will benefit from this large user base. Let’s look at the business drivers and how social media properties will fare.

  • Customer Service – Because you don’t have full access on social media communities, your customer service is only limited to what the network offers. 
  • Business Costs – Creating social media accounts is free. Even if you decide on taking on premium services, the costs are still lower than what you’ll usually pay to keep a website running.
  • Market Share – The huge marketing opportunity offered by these social media communities is what makes them so attractive. It is easier to connect with your target audience on Facebook with a business page, than from an external website.
  • Brand – You can display and promote your brand freely on social networks, but there are also other brands like yours — some might even be copycats — and your competitors will come out with guns blazing, so be prepared.

The social media vs website debate is one that has been going on for sometime. But it is obvious that one cannot exist without the other. Social networks are a gold mine for leads and conversions, while websites will help you brand your business and retain your conversions.


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